Agile-IS GmbH

We are the owner-managed specialist for knowledge, information and communication solutions in companies.

The experts for agile developed information solutions

Agile-IS GmbH is an owner-managed software development and consulting company that focuses on services in the SharePoint Server environment and associated technologies. Our idea and our drive is to lead you to the software solutions you really need.

Agile-IS Logo description

Our experience as software developers has taught us that it is not the scope and completeness of the specifications that determine the quality of the result, but the way in which the project participants work together. We always develop solutions with our clients in a continuous dialogue about executable, experiencable intermediate results and welcome every change in requirements as a positive sign of the lived development process. This is what Agile stands for as an attitude and process model in our name.

Just as Agile stands for the approach in our projects, IS stands for Information Solutions, the goal of our activities. On the basis of Microsoft SharePoint, we create solutions that preserve, present and retrieve your knowledge and information within your company. The bandwidth here is almost unlimited, from Intranet / Internet solutions to document-oriented business processes to BI, search or lightweight CRM solutions.

Agile-IS GmbH

The experts for agile developed information solutions


Good advice requires knowledge and experience. We advise you on our main topics; SharePoint, software development, information retrieval and AI.

Software Architecture

Stable and flexible software architectures are essential in agile software development; We integrate cloud services, micro services, identity providers and more.

Software Development

Custom Software Development;
this is the only way to create applications that really suit you. We create your solution in the SharePoint and Office 365 environment.

Office 365 & SharePoint

The backbone of lightweight corporate communications. We help you make effective use of standard functionalities and beyond.

Artificial Intelligence

Search-based applications, bots and weak AIs;
We advise, support and develop solutions that transform your data into information.

Software Lifecycle Support

Every software needs maintenance;
Code review, error analysis, optimization and migration of your SharePoint solution.

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Boris Hofmann

Boris Hofmann

Managing Partner

Consulting that suits you!

We give advice on content and technical topics

innovative, evolutionary

In the constant change of social, entrepreneurial and personal demands on information, communication and technology, we are all constantly moving on a level between innovation and evolution. The search for the best solution seems to develop into an unsolvable task. In this iterative flow of target and application development, we accompany you through the transformation of your processes, organizational and information structures. From our point of view, terms such as Web 2.0, Organization 4.0 and Industry 4.0 are symptoms of a technically driven adaptation of the economy to the human need for more information and knowledge.

down-to-earth, well-founded

An objective position determination is based on a well-founded and extensive theoretical knowledge and a healthy amount of practical experience. This earthy, down-to-earth, stable position allows a realistic view into the profession and thus enables goal-oriented consulting. We attach great importance to the definition of achievable and thus experiencable goals.

personal, authentic

Information before data; people before technology; these principles are part of our values. The personal, uncomplicated and direct contact between all project participants is therefore a success factor of our consulting and project work. We are happy to look beyond the confines of our specialisation and operate within a broad network of specialists in related disciplines. These include creative people, media designers, communications consultants and lawyers, whom we can recommend to you on the basis of our extensive experience.

Advice on content

  • Knowledge management
  • Information management
  • Company search
  • Project portals, intranet, specialized applications with SharePoint
  • Implementation of SharePoint in the company

Process consulting

  • Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)
  • Procedure models of agile software development (Kanban, Scrum, etc.)
  • Agile requirements management

Technical consulting

  • Software architecture SharePoint solutions
  • Infrastructure consulting on local, hybrid and hosted SharePoint architectures
  • Integration of third-party systems into SharePoint

Software development as a service

Agile software development with and for our customers.

Our development process

Development Process

The individual software development in the domain of business and office applications is subject to a seemingly invisible set of rules. Anyone who does not pay sufficient attention to these rules or tries to suppress them with inappropriate processes should be prepared for unwanted project developments.

From our experience, we have developed a lightweight, customer-focused and adaptable software development process that allows us to respond to all your needs. The success of the process is based on elements of the agile Kanban process model, the fast delivery of tangible results and your regular feedback. Thus we achieve a parallel development of requirements and functioning software and minimize long and unproductive conception phases. This does not mean that we start a development project without requirements. Rather, we open up a space in which technical requirements from the idea phase of an application can be improved. A high degree of automation within our process enables both a quasi permanent delivery of an executable software solution to our customers and a package for your productive systems that can be deployed and upgraded at any time.

Individual software development

  • Business applications
  • Interfaces and Middleware
  • Mobile and web development
  • AI and Bots

SharePoint Solution Development

  • SharePoint Site Templates, Site Layouts, Masterpage and Branding
  • SharePoint components (WebParts, Timerjobs, Event Receivers, etc.)
  • Search adaptations
  • SharePoint Add-In Development
  • Constantly growing toolbox of SharePoint extensions

SharePoint DevOp services

  • Scripting for SharePoint operational automation
  • Automated deployment of SharePoint solutions and server farms